Dole Food Company

Social Media Content
Associate Creative Producer

I've had the opportunity to oversee Dole Food Company's monthly creative social content for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I work with designers, creative directors and account executives to produce fun organic and paid social content that promotes Dole's fruits and veggies. I keep content on track and make sure our posts fit our client's needs and requests. Our creative posts have revamped Dole's social channels and increased social engagement by over 35% within the past year. 

As well as managing creative content, I help edit social videos including the following: (2).gif
Website Maintenance and Development 
Associate Creative Producer

I also maintain and manage Dole's website and web updates on SiteCore. This includes adding new recipes, product updates, press releases, and new Dole and Disney content. I work with account executives, digital producers, and developers to update and add new content per client requests and our strategic digital initiatives.